Viswas institue was established to provide high quality professional education in the streams of Fire Engineering and Safety Management.The state of Uttar Pradesh has vast natural resources. But it is still backward in the field of Fire and Safety Education in particular.This adversely affects the industrial growth of the state. Therefore, there is an urgent need of expansion of Fire and Safety education in the state.

Viswas institute of Fire and Safety Engineering mainly known as VIFSM. Imparting quality training courses in Fire Engineering, Safety Management, Industrial Safety and Health Safety, Environmental Engineering live training on construction site & industry.

Viswas Institute of Fire Engineering & Safety Management (VIFSM) Studies is an certified Institute Registered Govt. of UP S. A. Act, ISO 9001:20015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 which is having motive in expansion of Fire Safety & Health Safety education and low cost job oriented education courses. Viswas Institute of Fire Engineering & Safety Management (VIFSM) has introduce FIRE SAFETY COURSES Certificate, Diploma , PG Diploma courses. For today�s generation, Fire Safety & Health Safety Engineering presents itself as an opportunity where there is a very heavy demand in industries both in India & Abroad, where job oppurtunities are tremendous . To cater the fast growing demand from various quarters there is only very limited institutes. To deliver professionally competent personnel in Fire & Safety Engineering and health safety . The institute VIFSM has taken the enterprising step to reach out to the youth, offering them a career opportunity which if grasped has the potential to change their life as below for the better within a year of enrolment.

=> We are provide Domestic & National Placements to our Students. But students can get maximum salary job ownself in abroad.

=> We feel very proud that to be known as 100% placementConditions Apply firm in the Fire and Safety, Health force.

=> Our record of Placement is one of the biggest advantages of our name and fame and to take the title of Best Fire Safety and Health    Safety Education Network in India.